Can you help?



Dear all,

As most of you will probably already know I have chosen to dedicate my life to Judo and being the best I can possibly be. I’m the leading hope for London 2012 at -78kg in Judo despite missing out on the British trials this year due to injury. I’m contacting as many people as possible to ask for a little help.

I am currently unfunded despite being the best prospect for London in my weight category. I’ve been training Full time at Camberley Judo Club for the last 7 years, I also work part time around my training. Without any funding I face the difficult decision to miss important training days in order to take on more work to try and support myself. The complete opposite to what I need to be doing to get to London Olympics and make you all proud!!!

What am I asking for?

In a nutshell, help and financial support!

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how expensive training & travelling can be on top of the cost of everyday living. If you are in a position to, I’m asking if you can please pledge to sponsor me a small amount of money. Either a weekly, monthly or a one off donation, whatever works best for you. PLEASE NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL, every penny really does count! You can make a quick & simple donation online on my Pledgie page. Or it may be that we can organise a sponsored event, which I would be happy to help with, attend and support. Anything no matter how small will help me towards the cost of being a full time athlete trying to get to London Olympics!

If you have any other ideas about how you think you can help me, or if you can pass my information on to someone else who you think can help (friends, colleagues, managers, business owners) I would be extremely grateful and happy to hear from you.

In return for your support I will email updates, stay in touch via twitter, blogs and facebook and of course promote your business/club/company etc in any way I can. You will also be a direct part of probably the most exciting and unique sporting events of our lifetimes, a home Olympics.

I believe I can get to London Olympics and fly the flag for GB and you can be part of it with me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best



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