Knee operation photos!

As I’m a little bit sick I took a few photos of my knee in the week or so after the surgery to reconstruct my Anterior Cruciate ligament. If you are queasy please do not look any further than this line- sorry! For those of you that share my strange curiosity for these kind of things please read on…
I think this was day one, pretty fat!

Day two- still very fat (and painful!)

Day four- bruising coming out down my shin

Day five- yellow leg!

Day six- still lots of bruising but swelling reduced substantially.

Day seven- still looking yellow but some shape to knee now.

Day eight- dressings completely off and healing nicely.

I’ll update my progress since the 1st week soon….


About samanthalowe2012

Fulltime Judo Player trying to achieve my Lifelong dream of fighting in the Olympic Games
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