CJC on the One Show!

Check Sophie Johnstone interview and tour of CJC on the One Show guys, it’s on BBC iplayer…


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Rehab progress

Just a quick update to let you all know I did my first bit of training on the mat today! I did 10 minutes of shadow uchi Komi (practising judo moves without a partner). Knee felt good although my judo mind felt a bit rusty. I’m sure it will come back quickly. I can’t wait to get a judo kit on and do some training with a partner!! Should just be a matter of weeks now 🙂

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Woking Olympic launch day

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ACL rehab update!

I’ve finally dragged myself to the computer to give you all an update. So I’m 14 weeks post ACL op and it’s going pretty well. It has been up and down and at times I’ve felt extremely frustrated and couldn’t bring myself to write about my rehab as it wasn’t as positive as I wanted it to be. I had problems with infection in the scar and then I aggravated the fat pads, both hindered my progress. I seem to be over those problems now and I’m progressing nicely.


I’m back to running, on the treadmill and that’s building up nicely. I’ve started smashing out some hideous rowing sessions. I’m skipping, biking, balancing, hopping and rehabbing like a nutter! Along with my normal upper body weights. So keeping fairly busy with my part time work too.


The experts tell me I am on track for my return to Judo in December which is fantastic and very reassuring. So I have another review with the Physio tomorrow and I’m hoping to bring in some changing direction work into my program. So far I have just been doing straight line work.


I’m feeling positive, although it’s been extremely hard watching my team mates go off to compete in the World Championships and being left behind at home practicing balancing on one leg! But I have to keep the bigger picture in mind. It’s all about London 2012….

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Sleeping Storm Judo Club helps local Olympic hopeful

Sleeping Storm Judo Club, based in Epsom, Surrey, raised £350 for local London 2012 hopeful Samantha Lowe to help her on the road to the Olympics next year.

Members of Sleeping Storm took part in a throw-a-thon in July 2011. Participants were challenged to see how many throws they could do within two minutes. In a very close competition, Alistair Stockley came out on top and managed the most throws, a massive 42!

Sam Lowe was also present to cheer the children on and in total a giant 551 throws were achieved during the throw-a-thon. After the throw-a-thon there was a Q&A session with Sam, where youngsters had the opportunity to quiz Sam on her achievements, medals, how she started judo and her experiences of winning a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in Manchester.

Sam Lowe commented on the hard-work and motivation that all the club demonstrated. She congratulated and thanked the club and its members for all their efforts.

For more information about Sleeping Storm Judo Club please visit the club’s website at www.sleepingstorm.com

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Prize Draw winners!

Congratulations to…

Simon Allen from Surrey Judo Squad who won the Pennyhill Park Spa day for Two

Len Dunce from Summit Judo Club who won the Pennyhill Park Afternoon Tea for Two

Wayne Snelgrove from Xtability who won the Golf for four at Mannings Heath


Thank you to every one who bought tickets and supported the Rock n Roll fundraising!

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Knee operation photos!

As I’m a little bit sick I took a few photos of my knee in the week or so after the surgery to reconstruct my Anterior Cruciate ligament. If you are queasy please do not look any further than this line- sorry! For those of you that share my strange curiosity for these kind of things please read on…
I think this was day one, pretty fat!

Day two- still very fat (and painful!)

Day four- bruising coming out down my shin

Day five- yellow leg!

Day six- still lots of bruising but swelling reduced substantially.

Day seven- still looking yellow but some shape to knee now.

Day eight- dressings completely off and healing nicely.

I’ll update my progress since the 1st week soon….

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